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Edmatrix Services

End-to-end international quality admission support and 58 other services
Highly experienced overseas admissions counselors
20 years industry experience
Obtain Canada immigration PR within five months of completing your degree automatically
It is only top quality and flawless applications without a single error that land admissions and scholarships to top Canadian universities.

Study at a Canadian university or college. Get Canada citizenship simply by studying in Canada for two years!

Automatic 3 year work permits once you complete your degree.

Act now!
These windows of opportunity do not remain open for long

Don’t want to take the SAT, GMAT or the GRE? Request an exemption. It will be arranged.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to study in Canada any more.

We will help you with the entire process:

First determining what you should really be studying in Canada and showing you all the fields and options. Taking full ownership of the application process with top quality admission support services. Short-listing the right universities that match your interest, career aspirations and budget. Preparing your online admissions applications professionally with total emphasis on quality. Writing and editing your applications essays, SOPs, SAQs and LORs using flawless English. Applying for scholarships and financial aid including third party scholarships specially designated for Indian students

Helping you choose the right university once your admissions letters begin to arrive. Financial documentation assistance. Support with Filing your visa application at the Canadian High Commission. Visa interview preparation. Pre-departure formalities.

All students pursuing a two year post graduate degree, a two year diploma, or a four year undergraduate degree in Canada get a 36 month full-time work permit. No questions asked!

Work for 20 hours a week either on campus or off campus and earn up to $16 an hour to support yourself and pay for your board and lodge.

Your husband or wife can not only go with you but he or she can also work full time in Canada while you study!

Admission for January 2018 intake open
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