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Our Mission


To pave a pathway for a seamless educational experience in the United States in which the culture and social fabric of the US provides a vivid backdrop

Our Principal Consultant

To inspire students and professionals to explore new learning opportunities in the US that are defined by a clearly articulated career track which is linked to professional employment

US college admissions

To facilitate the deployment of cutting edge online technologies that will initiate a productive dialog between applicants and various institutions of higher learning in US

Educational opportunities

To highlight US educational opportunities that are affordable for everyone regardless of financial and social status without compromise to the quality of education

Turn your dream into concrete reality!

As you can tell, Edmatrix Services commands an industry leadership position primarily due to the vast level of experience and expertise the team has achieved. The time to leverage this gold mine of opportunities has arrived.
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About Us

As US universities become increasingly selective, the need for a concerted and high impact admissions strategy has become more important than ever. AT Edmatrix Services, we work with you on the most miniscule details of the admissions process so that you arrive in the US for higher studies not just with an admit but also with a scholarship.

The Team

Edmatrix is a team effort and every member of the team is standing by to assist you in your endeavors:

CA Rajiv Soni

A seasoned entrepreneur, chartered accountant who specializes in the art and science of sending accounting students to the US to study finance, international business and global marketing, Rajiv earned his school diploma from Delhi Public School, Mathura Road and Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi followed by Chartered Accountancy intership at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.His extensive experience in the US as a consulting professional and entrepreneur equips him to extend a helping hand to students planning to pursue business, accounting and finance degrees in the US both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

CA Sooraj Bhatia

Sooraj’s interest in higher education abroad stems from his deep understanding and insights into the process of US visa, immigration and global taxation. As one of the most successful and practicing chartered accountants in the region, Sooraj strives to ensure that all our applicants depart for the US for higher study after cautious financial and strategic planning is conducted. Sooraj obtained his senior secondary school diploma from Modern School, Bara Khamba Road, and his bachelor’s degree in commerce from Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi. Sooraj also supports upward bound programs to help senior secondary school students pursue careers in accounting and finance.

Dr. Rajesh

As the Principal Consultant and head of the Edmatrix consulting team of highly experienced counselors and consulting professionals, Dr. Rajesh possesses in-depth knowledge of US higher education from within. With more than 20 years of rich and highly focused experience in college admissions consulting exclusively for the US, he has helped hundreds of students make the transition to the US from all over the world including students from within the US. Over the years, he has helped students to obtain admits to all the Ivy League schools including Harvard, Yale and MIT and top ranked universities such as the University of Texas at Austin, Georgetown, University of Southern California and Purdue University.
Dr. Rajesh earned his college degrees in English from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi and the University of Cincinnati. He has also taught English, business communication and technical writing at Emory University, University of Alabama, University of Cincinnati and Raymond Walters University.